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Networking for Herefordshire business women

Inspire Herefordshire is a group of like-minded women who get together each month to network in a friendly and supportive environment. We launched in July 2009 when we realised there was a need for such a group to support Herefordshire women in business, or thinking about going into business.

Janet Peacock and Sharon Pocock took over the co-ordination of Inspire in January 2016

Inspire Herefordshire is changing and growing! We now have a Facebook page where you can see what's going on and interact with other members more easily.

Note also that Inspire is back in Holmer Park – location and travel details can be found on the Holmer Park website.


We usually meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.00pm. See the right-hand side of the page for details of upcoming meetings.

Our meetings are always very friendly. We do introduce ourselves, but it's not a high-pressure 'elevator pitch'. Above all, it's a very supportive group with a vast variety of experience, so there are always lots of ideas (and laughter) in the air.

Note that although Griffin & King sponsor our meetings, we ask for a small contribution (currently £4) to ensure we can meet any incidental expenses.

If you are a woman with your own business, employed, or thinking of starting up, then why not come along and meet us?

For further information please contact us or become a member - it's free!

When you sign up you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions. These are not at all onerous. They may change from time to time – I'll email you if they change significantly (ie more than correction of typos!), but clicking the link will always show you the current terms.

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