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If after submitting your details you do not get an email asking you to confirm your address, then please check your spam or junk folders. I am finding that quite a few email systems (or providers) sometimes think Inspire messages are spam.

To protect us from spammers, a human being is involved in the approval process. This means there may be a short delay, so please be patient. I have to sort through applications manually, so it would help me greatly if you could pick something sensible for your username and not a random string of letters and numbers, so that I can more easily spot the spammers.

Networking for Herefordshire business women

Inspire Herefordshire is a group of like-minded women who get together each month to network in a friendly and supportive environment. We launched in July 2009 when we realised there was a need for such a group to support Herefordshire women in business, or thinking about going into business.

Inspire Herefordshire is changing and growing!

From January 2016, Janet Peacock and Sharon Pocock will be taking over the co-ordination of Inspire. As members will have seen in their emails, they will be making some changes to energise and grow our group in order to keep it vibrant and relevant to as many members as possible.

Note also that Inspire will be back in Holmer Park come January – location and travel details can be found on the Holmer Park website.


We usually meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm. See the right-hand side of the page for details of upcoming meetings.

Our meetings are always very friendly. We do introduce ourselves, but it's not a high-pressure 'elevator pitch'. Above all, it's a very supportive group with a vast variety of experience, so there are always lots of ideas (and laughter) in the air.

Note that although Griffin & King sponsor our meetings, we ask for a small contribution (currently £3) to ensure we can meet any incidental expenses.

If you are a woman with your own business, employed, or thinking of starting up, then why not come along and meet us?

For further information please contact us or become a member - it's free!

When you sign up you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions. These are not at all onerous. They may change from time to time – I'll email you if they change significantly (ie more than correction of typos!), but clicking the link will always show you the current terms.

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